Little Girl Shaves Head to Support Her Ill Friend, Gets Kicked Out of School

Lois Oladejo
Apr 24, 2022
08:00 P.M.
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An empathetic little girl chose to show her support for a friend battling cancer by shaving her head, but rather than appreciate such good quality, she was punished for it and kicked out of the school. 


In 2014, a nine-year-old girl named Kamryn Renfro decided to shave her head. No, she did not do it to rebel against the constituted authorities, nor was it because she was hoping to stand out.

The girl had hacked it all off because she wanted to show her best friend, Delaney, that someone had her back as she battled cancer. Nobody, especially her, could have ever suspected that the little act of compassion and empathy would attract an undeserving and demoralizing punishment.


Delaney Clements and Kamryn Renfro are best friends forever, having known each other since they were merely childhood playmates. As they got older, Delaney was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, so she underwent chemotherapy. 


The harsh treatment meant that she lost all her hair. Despite the treatment, her cancer kept relapsing, refusing to go into remission completely, which meant even more chemotherapy each time just to keep it at bay. 

Delaney Clements with a dog smiling. | Source: News


Every time that happened, Delaney lost all her hair and would suffer from getting called a guy even when she was dressed as a female. In her words:

"People would sometimes call me a boy even though I was all dressed in pink."

In 2014, Kamryn decided that she would not let her best friend pass through it alone, so she shaved off all her hair, too, and when Delaney saw it, she got excited.

Delaney Clements and Kamryn Renfro playing with their friends. | Source: New York


For Delaney, it meant that there was someone in her corner willing to go the extra mile for her so that she could feel better. According to her, people used to laugh at her, but Kamryn's sacrifice meant she would not pass through it alone. 

She said: "I was really excited that I would have somebody to support me and I wouldn't be alone with people always laughing at me."

The then-nine-year-old Kamryn had been playing with Delaney one weekend when the girl asked that her hair be cut off so her BFF, who she had been friends with since they met at gymnastics, would not be alone in her misery. 

Kamryn Renfro smiling. | Source: News


The decision made their parents very emotional, and both their moms revealed just how proud they were. Delaney's mom, Jamie Renfro, said

"Proud is an understatement. We are so proud of her and Delaney both. They are amazing." 

Delaney Clements. | Source: News


It looks like a big deal because women can be very sensitive about their hair, but for Kamryn, the decision was easy. She said: "I did it so she didn't have to feel left out."

It came from her sincere heart, and Delaney felt it, so she got elated after seeing the development. She added:

"I just want to say thank you for being a really good friend and actually being brave enough to do it, and not only caring about your hair." 

Delaney Clements playing at a playground. | Source: New York



Kamryn had pure intentions when she had her hair cut off. However, she was in for a shock when the time came to go to school.

She and Delaney were students of different schools, but Kamryn did not mind appearing like that at school because she chose the baldness, but school authorities did not fancy it. They said as much in their response to Jamie Renfro's email as a heads-up. 

They also said that Kamryn would not be allowed to step foot on school property because of her bald head, which frustrated Jamie.

Kamryn Renfro. | Source: News


Like many schools in Colorado, Kamryn's school, Caprock Academy, has a dress code for their students, and most condemn shaved heads which is precisely why the school authorities said

"Don't come back until you have hair." 

A frustrated Jamie decided to air her dissatisfaction on Facebook, and soon the community started to call out the school for its insensitivity and rigidness.


Following that outcry, the school, located in Grand Junction, Colorado, had a meeting with the board members, who voted three to one to waive the usually compulsory rule.

Within a day, the school board went full circle, forgave Kamryn, and apologized to her for banning her over something like that. Nevertheless, many users found the school guilty of insensitivity, and they gave Kamryn all due praise for making such a decision for her friend. 

Even her classmates at school admired what she did. According to her, many admitted that she had been "brave" and "nice" to "shave her hair for cancer." 


Many people don't know what children like Delaney pass through while receiving treatments for debilitating diseases like cancer. They are pretty much bedridden and alone, and except for their parents, nobody else has contact with them.

This is why Kamryn's kindness and empathy cannot be overlooked, but it is also why Delaney jumped for joy when she met her friend looking like her. 


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