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Inside Leonardo Dicaprio’s Mother’s ‘Fabulously Quirky’ $7.1M Home He Bought for Her

Gracious Egedegbe
May 04, 2022
11:30 A.M.
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Leonardo DiCaprio's mother has always been his backbone right from his early years. In recent years, the actor has rewarded his mom for her support and efforts. Let's look at the $7.1 million houses he purchased for her in 2021.


American Actor and Film Producer Leonardo DiCaprio is renowned for his excellent acting skills and has enjoyed a stellar career in the movie industry. 

The 47-year-old icon is best known for his roles in A-list movies such as "Titanic," "The Wolf of Wall Street," "The Revenant," and many others.

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the screening of 'Il traditore' film at the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 23, 2019. | Source: Getty Images


He has earned many accolades throughout his career, including a British Film Award, an Academy Award, and three Golden Globe Awards. 

Although DiCaprio has achieved a lot in show business, his journey to stardom was not void of challenges. Over the years, the actor has been candid about the difficulties he faced as a child.

Leonardo DiCaprio, his father George DiCaprio and his mother Irmelin DiCaprio pose for a portrait outside their home in Hollywood, California, circa 1976 | Source: Getty Images


The only child of his parents, DiCaprio grew up without a father. His dad abandoned him when he was a year old, following his divorce from his mother. During an interview with CBS, the "Titanic" star recalled growing up in a terrible environment. 

According to the star, there was a prostitution ring on his street, drug addicts in the alleyway, and he got robbed at age five. 


Overall, DiCaprio revealed that at some point, it was safer to stay at home than go outside. He tagged the environment as a "hardcore neighborhood." Here are more details about the actor's life, including his mother, who was there for him.


Leonardo DiCaprio and mother Irmelin Indenbirken attend the "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" Hollywood Premiere on December 12, 1993 at Paramount Theatre, Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images


DiCaprio has been involved with many women in his lifetime, but his most unique relationship has been with his mother, Irmelin. 

Delving into the actor's career history, she happens to be the most supportive individual in his life. In 2014, DiCaprio sat down with Los Angeles Times to recount how Irmelin played a massive role in his success story.

Irmelin Indenbirken and Leonardo DiCaprio attend the 86th Oscars held at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images


The filmmaker confessed that as a child, he won a scholarship to University Elementary School, and his mother would drive him ten miles so that he could attend the private school.

"It was like this little garden of Eden. There was a park, and kids were playing in the sunshine, and everything was multicultural, everything was peaceful, every religion and race and attitude was respected equally," the actor confessed.


Eventually, DiCaprio returned to the public sector, and when he turned 15, he told his mom he wanted to be an actor and begged her to take him for auditions. 

Irmelin supported her son's decision, and eventually, he dropped out of high school. The supportive mom drove her son to auditions and continued backing him until his breakthrough role in "The Boy's Life. "


Leonardo DiCaprio and mother Irmelin Indenbirken attend the 51st Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 22, 1994 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images


Over time, Irmelin has been DiCaprio's jet fuel. For every prominent role her son had to play, she ensured she was present. Most times on a movie set, he also had his mother encouraging him.

Both mother and son have an extraordinary bond, and he will stop at nothing to spoil her. A few years ago, the "Blood Diamond" star noted that he would only buy diamonds for his mother. In his words:

"My mom is the only person that I would buy something like that for, and for a while now, she hasn't wanted one."

Leonardo DiCaprio with his grandmother and mother Irmalin at the Shubert Theatre, New York City on December 10, 2002 | Source: Getty Images


The Hollywood star does not try to hide his affections toward Irmelin. His mother has also accompanied her son as his date on honorary occasions, including the 2016 Oscar Awards, where DiCaprio bagged an award for Best Actor for his role in "The Revenant."

In a chat with ABC News, the filmmaker confessed that he brought his mom to the show to honor her for supporting his career, even as a child. Indeed, the unbreakable bond between DiCaprio and Irmelin is quite desirable.

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks onstage during the "South By South Lawn" SXSL festival on October 3, 2016 in Washington, DC. | Source: Getty Images


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the bond between DiCaprio and other family members, especially his stepbrother, Adam Ferrar. 

The pair became estranged in 2000 after the latter was arrested on charges of terrorist threats and the attempted murder of his girlfriend.


Adam's father, Mike Ferrar, also made it known that his son continuously borrowed money from DiCaprio, and never paid it back, thereby aiding in their separation. 

Mike also revealed that he believed Adam was still slightly envious of DiCaprio due to his success. On the other hand, Adam confessed that despite their relationship, he loved and still loves DiCaprio. 


Leonardo DiCaprio with his mother at the New Jersey Nets vs. New York Knicks Game | Source: Getty Images


DiCaprio has taken an interest in many famous women, including Gisele Bundchen, Erin Heatherton, Bar Refaeli, and Rihanna. However, Irmelin appears to be the only one who is constantly affectionate.

Not only has his mother been instrumental in his acting, but she also influences his personal life, especially his love life.

Leonardo DiCaprio and mother Irmelin Indenbirken attend the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards aka Golden Globes at Hotel Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, USA, on 12 January 2014 | Source: Getty Images


For example, she once advised him to marry Gisele Bundchen, but unfortunately, the relationship ended. Later, he began dating Bar Refaeli, and Irmelin advised DiCaprio to "make a good woman out of her."

A source reported that following his mom's advice, the actor proposed to Refaeli on February 14, 2010, in the Hotel de Rome. However, the pair never walked down the aisle.


Over time, the actor has been open about getting married and starting a family. Speaking about having children, he once said:

"Do I want to bring children into a world like this? If it happens, it happens."

Picture of DiCaprio's mom's home | Source: Youtube/Architectural Digest


Currently, the Hollywood icon is dating 24-year-old Camila Morrone. The pair were first spotted together in 2017, and since then, they have managed to keep their romance intact. 

Fans are optimistic that DiCaprio has found the perfect woman in Morrone and hope the pair will exchange wedding vows someday.

Picture of DiCaprio's mom's home | Source: Youtube/Architectural Digest


While focused on his relationship with Morrone, the actor also focuses on saving planet earth. He is an honorary chairperson of the Reef Cheek— a nongovernmental organization that empowers people to protect reefs and oceans.



In 2016, DiCaprio proved his love for his mother when he won a bid of $18,000 for a Chanel bag at a gala in Cannes. Page Six revealed that the actor purchased the bag for no other person than his mom.

Some other luxury items the "Titanic" star has purchased for Irmelin include an Inna Zobiva designed silk scarf worth $5,650 and a Chanel purse worth $11,300.


In 2021, DiCaprio bought a luxury house from the "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson for his mom. The actor purchased the 5,000-square-foot mansion for $7.1 million. 

The exterior of the 1928-built house speaks elegance as it boasts a serene landscape, a three-car garage, a pool, a spa, a meditation and yoga room, an outdoor fireplace, and a lawn.

Picture of DiCaprio's mom's home | Source: Youtube/Architectural Digest


On the other hand, the interior is quite exquisite as well. It comprises four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a stone fireplace, a living room, a library, a balcony, coffered ceilings, Gothic paintings, plasterwork, painted tiles, and stained glass.

It also has a beautiful kitchen fully equipped with custom built-in appliances. Pictures of the gorgeous mansion have been splattered all over social media, including the Instagram page of Architectural Digest.

From its elegance, fans and netizens have been convinced that DiCaprio would stop at nothing to give his mom the best.