Where Are Sophia Grace and Rosie from the Ellen Show 10 Years after Becoming Viral Sensation?

Edduin Carvajal
May 12, 2022
03:40 P.M.

The "Ellen DeGeneres Show" is wrapping up after 19 seasons, and they took us down memory lane by inviting Sophia Grace and Rosie, the young girls that became viral sensations in 2011.


When Sophia Grace was eight, and Rosie McClelland was five, they wore pink princess dresses and sang Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" while Rosie's mom recorded them. She posted that video on YouTube, and the girls' lives changed.

The video went viral and was so popular that even producers at " The Ellen DeGeneres Show" watched it. They invited Sophia Grace and Rosie several times and even gave them a "Tea Time" segment. What happened to them after all these years?

Sophie Grace and Rosie with Nicki Minaj on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" in October 2011 | Source: YouTube.com/TheEllenShow

Sophie Grace and Rosie with Nicki Minaj on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" in October 2011 | Source: YouTube.com/TheEllenShow


Sophia Grace and Rosie's first appearance on "Ellen" showed the world how adorable they were, especially after they sang "Super Bass" next to Nicki Minaj.


Through the show, the girls met everyone from Katy Perry and Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and everyone on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Sophie Grace and Rosie with Taylor Swift on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" | Source: YouTube.com/TheEllenShow

Sophie Grace and Rosie with Taylor Swift on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" | Source: YouTube.com/TheEllenShow

In May 2022, Sophia Grace and Rosie returned to the show after ten years, and they looked unrecognizable. Apart from talking about their viral video and favorite memories, they mentioned their careers.

Although Sophia Grace is almost four years older than Rosie, they are best friends. They might be cousins, but they treat each other like sisters and have the same goal: making it big in the entertainment industry.



Apart from launching her LoLo London fashion line, Sophia Grace is actively pursuing a music career. In early May 2022, she released her single "Little Things," which got over 40,000 views in less than ten days.

Rosie has also dipped her toes in acting.

Unfortunately, some of her online followers have had difficulty getting used to her not being a young girl anymore. She would sometimes read comments from people claiming she wore too much makeup or looked "too grown up."


Sophia Grace wants those people to understand that growing up is natural, and she will keep doing the things that make her happy.

In Rosie's case, she is also working hard to become a worldwide famous musician. She released her single "Safe in Your Love" on May 11, 2022, and it got almost 50,000 views in 24 hours.

Rosie has also dipped her toes in acting. In 2019, she voiced Grace and Georgie on "The JoJo & BowBow Show Show." Two years earlier, she had a minor role in the TV mini-series "Paula."

Even if Sophia Grace and Rosie don't post photos together often, they are still good friends who support each other's careers and dreams.



Almost 11 years have passed since Sophia Grace, and Rosie appeared on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" for the first time, and they are no longer young girls. Sophia Grace celebrated her 19th birthday on April 18, 2022, and Rosie will turn 16 on September 7, 2022.

For Halloween 2021, they dressed up as the younger versions of themselves. They put on white tutus and joked that they still fit in them. Best of luck!

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