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School Official Opens Note from 11-Year-Old Girl, Sees a Message Asking For Help

Rita Kumar
May 31, 2022
05:30 P.M.

What appeared like a typical day in a middle school in Clinton turned out to be a nightmare after a school staff received a mysterious note from an 11-year-old female student. After reading the message scribbled on it, the person immediately called the cops, who rushed to the spot the girl led them to.


Have you ever been in a situation where a small piece of paper, ruffled even, and a pencil or pen was all you needed to convey your emergency and ask for help? Think about being trapped and cut off from your surroundings. What would your immediate escape plan be?

In today's story, one woman found real help using a piece of paper. She scribbled her cry for help and relayed the note to a schoolgirl, hoping someone would find and save her. But what happened next was anybody's nightmare after the girl handed the letter to the school staff.

East Feliciana Middle School | Source: YouTube/CNN

East Feliciana Middle School | Source: YouTube/CNN


On a fateful Tuesday in 2016, an 11-year-old girl was on her way to East Feliciana Middle School in Clinton, Louisiana, with an important mission—to save her mother, who was confined in a trailer against her will.


After examining closely, the officers realized that the abductor was no stranger to them.

Just moments before she left for school, the girl's mother snuck a note to her, ensuring that nobody watched her doing this. She knew this would land her in troubled waters if those who held her captive found out.

Schoolgirl carrying a backpack. | Source: Pexels

Schoolgirl carrying a backpack. | Source: Pexels


The woman's daughter handed over the letter to a school official. The woman had conveyed her cry for help in the note, briefly stating that she had been confined in rural Clinton against her will. The message horrified the staff, who immediately informed the cops about the issue.

East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeff Travis arrived on the scene and dug deeper into the matter in no time. As it turned out, the girl's mother was held hostage in the trailer for at least a couple of weeks before she sent for help. Speaking exclusively to CNN, he said:


"It was very concerning at first to understand that we eventually had a hostage situation."

East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's vehicle. | Source: YouTube/CNN

East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's vehicle. | Source: YouTube/CNN


Sheriff Travis felt that spine-chilling incidents like this aren't an everyday thing. "It's very alarming when a student shows up with a note asking for help," he recounted, adding:

"She [the girl's mother] couldn't leave. She needed someone to get her out of the situation, and she couldn't talk on the phone."

The note and the girl led the sheriff to an acquaintance identified as 27-year-old Donald Ray Guy, the woman's boyfriend. After examining closely, the officers realized that the abductor was no stranger to them.

Sheriff Jeff Travis, East Feliciana Parish | Source: YouTube/CNN

Sheriff Jeff Travis, East Feliciana Parish | Source: YouTube/CNN


The man in question had at least three outstanding warrants the cops could not serve after he fled when they tried. Sheriff Travis sprung into action and gathered his team to find Guy.

Along with his K-9 team and a chase squad, Travis arrived at Guy's rural trailer in Clinton for investigation and knocked. But nobody responded.

The sheriff backed off with his team and arrived back at Guy's doorstep with a search warrant. The cops rummaged through the mobile home and found the girl's mother with two of Guy's relatives, reportedly his mother and grandmother.

Police patrol car | Source: Shutterstock

Police patrol car | Source: Shutterstock



The officers looked around to arrest Guy, but he was missing from the scene. The search mission was full-on as the cops butchered the trailer to find him. Eventually, the team found Guy hiding in a closet.

The cops rescued the girl's mother, and after interrogating her, it was unraveled that she had been held captive by her boyfriend and his family for two straight weeks.

Since the mobile home was in a rural area, she was frightened to escape alone and didn't have access to a car, the sheriff revealed. "I know she was relieved to get out of that situation," Travis recalled.

Sheriff Jeff Travis, East Feliciana Parish | Source: YouTube/CNN

Sheriff Jeff Travis, East Feliciana Parish | Source: YouTube/CNN



The officers arrested Guy on the spot and charged him with domestic abuse battery, and false imprisonment charges. Thanks to her quick thinking, the woman was freed from captivity following his arrest.

She was unharmed and was reunited with her daughter, who Travis claimed to be in "very good spirits" after meeting her mother. "She's a sweet little kid," the sheriff added.

Later, the department claimed that Guy didn't have an attorney, and his bail was not yet stipulated. "There's always a chill that goes through you when you understand that maybe the child was going through some very bad environment," Travis said, "…and the mother may be captive and maybe worse than what we actually find."

Have you experienced something similar where you met someone giving you clues about their threat so that you can help them? What would you do if you chance upon a stranger in danger? If you face a similar uncertainty, how will you tackle the situation?

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