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Boy, 2, Loses Both Parents in Just 12 Days, Gets Adopted by the Woman He Always Called 'Mama'

Rita Kumar
Jun 18, 2022
11:20 A.M.

An orphaned little boy who lost his mom and dad in just 12 days found a breath of hope when a woman he often called "Mama" took him under her wings. Who knew what his life would've been like if "Mama" had not come on time.


Painful would be too little to describe the distress one goes through after losing a loved one. But what if the bereaved is just a 2-year-old innocent child who can barely understand what a coffin and funeral mass is?

2-year-old Easton had been through this heartbreak too early when he first lost his mother on March 3, 2016. A little over a week later, he lost his father. Easton was orphaned too early, and what was written in his fate? That's when "Mama," a guardian angel in disguise, entered his life. And this touching story is proof of how every cloud has a silver lining.



On March 2, 2016, Easton's dad had turned 50. But no joy spread around their home in Michigan because the man knew he wouldn't make it to his 51st birthday. His stage 4 pancreatic cancer had numbered his days. While battling his own ill fate, his wife's untimely death the next day crushed him.

[Mama] had made it so far, and not getting Easton's custody would be more than just heartbreaking for her...But at this point, she feared a twist in the case.

But little Easton, who had barely started to speak in whole sentences, was unaware of the bitter truth of the life cycle. The loss shattered his dad, whose sorrow deepened when he thought about what would happen to his little boy after he was gone. He immediately reached out to someone he knew could rewrite little Easton's fate.



On March 3, 2016, Molly Schultz was with her beautiful family of four girls and a loving husband in Washington. She got a call from her dad about the sudden death of her stepmother.

Schultz was shocked. She had long known about her dad's approaching death. She was painfully prepared for it, but her stepmom's sudden demise shook her. Schultz recalled:

"The man who hung the moon in my eyes, my best friend, was dying… So, I boarded a plane that afternoon with my 7-month-old twins, and I flew alone with them from Washington to Michigan."



When Schultz arrived, she was committed to many serious decisions regarding her little stepbrother Easton's future. After discussing the pros and cons of different ideas, the family concluded that only Schultz could raise him well.

"My husband and I had four very young daughters, and we always wanted a son. It was sort of like the perfect missing puzzle piece," she said.

Schultz and her dad immediately proceeded with the legal formalities. The nearing death of her father and how her daughters would soon lose their grandpa hounded her. "It all seemed so impossible and unfair that people I love so much would never know each other," Schultz recalled.



On Friday night of March 11, 2016, the two left the lawyer's office and waited until Monday for the papers to be signed. The paperwork was done, and Schultz got her legal guardianship of little Easton.

She shared the good news with her dad, and what she heard from him that day left a painful scar in her heart. Schultz said:

"I told my dad the great news, and he said to me, 'Oh Molly, that makes me so happy. I love you so much.' They would be his last words as he passed away the very next day."



Schultz felt that her dad had been hanging on until Easton found a safe place to live. It crushed her, especially when her little brother attended the second most monumental funeral in just a little over 12 days.

A few days later, Schultz flew home to Washington with Easton. The little boy entered a new world of four sisters, timely meals, and the fresh feeling of home. Shortly after, the legal battle began for his custody. But it was easier said than done.

For a year, Schultz and Easton often flew to Michigan to attend the court dates that were inevitably delayed. Eventually, the judge released Easton as a warden of Michigan and transferred the case to Washington. Soon, the adoption date was set to June 16, 2017. At this point, some new kind of fear hounded Schultz.



The family arrived on the scheduled date at the court on a rainy morning. Schultz was anxious. Several thoughts fogged her mind while raindrops patted her skin as though wishing her good luck. She had made it so far, and not getting Easton's custody would be more than just heartbreaking for her. She said:

"The rain fell onto our skin, and I stood there imagining them as my father's tears from Heaven."

Desperate, Schultz walked into the courthouse, her mind and heart dealing with an emotional battle. She strongly hoped the judge would grant her full legal custody of her little brother. But at this point, she feared a twist in the case.



Meanwhile, little Easton was timid. Schultz thought he was frightened too. The boy giggled at random noises around, but he looked tense. "But for the most part, he kept his head down on the table, almost fearful of looking up at the woman who held his fate in her hands," she recalled.

Luckily, the hearing was quick and favorable. After taking pictures with the judge, Schultz and her family walked out of the courtroom. They entered a pleasant atmosphere, leaving behind their cold, painful past.

On June 16, 2017, 3-year-old Easton, who had walked into the courthouse as an orphan, walked out ten minutes later as Schultz's legal son. After about 458 days of loving him, nursing him, and kissing him goodnight, the law legally recognized Schultz and her husband as Easton's parents.



Schultz could not have been any happier. She recalled a monumental moment when her dad and stepmom called her on the day her little brother was born to ask which name she preferred from the few they liked.

"I chose Easton, and they agreed that name fit best. Easton also never called me Molly. He always called me Mama," she recounted. After hearing her kids often call her "Mama," Schultz thought Easton had assumed it was her name.

Following the adoption, she felt Easton had already known about the future before any of them did! "I hope as the years go on, he will always appreciate his 'first mommy and daddy' in Heaven and that he will always know how much all four of his parents love him," Schultz said.

If you get a chance to go back in time and tell a late loved one how much they meant to you, who would it be and why? Have you ever felt the presence of a guardian angel who proved to you that there is always light at the end of the tunnel?

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