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Man Buys $86 Engagement Ring, People Say It's 'So Small' and Fiancée Shouldn't Bother Wearing It

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 04, 2022
02:30 P.M.
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True love comes around once or twice in a lifetime, and when one couple wanted to get married, they weren't concerned about the materialistic trimmings. However, others nastily criticized their minimal approach.


Love is priceless, and while many people dream about having a lavish wedding, some couples also opt for something simplistic. Romantic duos might choose to forgo their big day celebrations, eloping to an exotic island or historic location instead.

Individuals' taste in wedding rings is another change that displayed the increased desire for the unfussy and basic. But numerous commenters remain fixated on the expected norms, unable to celebrate with people that go against the grain.

A man places a ring on a woman's finger. | Source: Shutterstock

A man places a ring on a woman's finger. | Source: Shutterstock



When a woman excitedly uploaded a snapshot of her engagement ring to a wedding group on Facebook, she expected other brides to share in her joy. Her band was dainty and delicate, holding one diamond.

She gushed about the piece of jewelry that displayed her intention to get married and was delighted that she could wear it for the rest of her life. The item was sold in different designs on Etsy by seller JSV Concepts.

The bride opted for a gold-styled ring that cost £71 (about $86). She said:

"My [boyfriend] and I ordered my ring online and I am in LOVE with it!"

Couple getting engaged in a cafe. | Source: Shutterstock

Couple getting engaged in a cafe. | Source: Shutterstock


Her photo gained hundreds of responses, and many weren't from people congratulating the bride-to-be. Numerous comments revealed that netizens were not impressed with her engagement ring, calling it "so small."


They also condemned "the material society" where a diamond's size mattered more than the love that went into the relationship.

Online users made mean comparisons and stated that her piece resembled tin foil and a paper clip. The woman was heartbroken and couldn't believe how cruel people could be.



The comment section was devastating, with one user asking a disheartening question. "Why even bother having a diamond there?" they asked.

Someone else stated: "So take that keyring off your finger and show us the ring you ordered online." Netizens also didn't understand why the bride made such a big fuss about her minimalist ring, and a commenter added:

"I have assembled my colleagues of world-class physicists and astronomers, we are building new instrumentation so we can see your [expletive] ring."



Amid the trolls that called her engagement ring "pitiful" and "sad," there were kind strangers who shared in the bride's joy and revealed an important message.

The netizens looked past the expectations of many others on the internet and defended the couple. They also condemned "the material society" where a diamond's size mattered more than the love that went into the relationship.

One person noted:

"Not everyone thinks bigger is better or likes to show off. I think it's perfect in every way. It's not about cost or size, it's the thought, the trust & the bond between them that matters."



Another couple also faced a torrent of hate after announcing their engagement on Instagram. They quickly regretted sharing the news because the photo received countless nasty comments, damaging their excitement.

While the bride-to-be expressed her adoration for the ring, trolls couldn't stop themselves from leaving hurtful opinions. The New York food bloggers were shocked by the response.

Jen Phanomrat couldn't have been happier with the unique pearl and gold ring Leo Samanamud chose for her. After nine years together, they were getting married, and the piece of jewelry was perfect.



Phanomrat worked as a chef, and an extravagant ring wouldn't have been practical. Still, netizens weighed in and offered their two cents. One user said: "Very happy, except that's the smallest ring I've ever seen."

Another commenter added: "It must suck to wait nine years for a ring that looks like that." Despite the hate, Phanomrat defended her future husband and stated:

"He knew exactly what type of ring I’d love. A delicate, hammered gold ring with a tiny pearl. I don’t usually wear any jewellery, but when I do, it’s simple and minimal."



While the food blogger kept the engagement post on her social media account, she disabled the comment section. She didn't want to see cruel comments and wasn't interested in having hate on her page.

Fortunately, some netizens offered Phanomrat and Samanamud well wishes for their future. One commenter expressed:

"Congratulations! The ring is special and perfect for you both... That's what matters."


The internet can be cruel, and not everyone is excited to celebrate the joy other people are experiencing. These stories display the nasty side of the internet and should encourage us to be different, choosing kindness instead.

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However, a store employee mocked their choice and made the couple feel unworthy. They shared their experience on Facebook, and the bride taught people a valuable lesson about love.

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