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Disabled Man Repairs Schoolboy's Shoes for Free – Boy Becomes Wealthy & Finds Him 16 Years Later

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 29, 2022
10:20 A.M.
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One man remembered walking to school as a youngster when something unforgettable happened. He was approached by a stranger and always cherished their brief interaction—little did he know it wasn't the end of their story.


Many people climb the ladder of fame and success, forgetting about the people who helped them get to the top. But no man is an island, and we all need a helping hand to make our dreams a reality.

One award-winning marketer and media influencer from Ghana created an impressive career for himself. Read his story and discover how he remained humble and committed to making a difference.



Giving is always better than receiving, and money isn't the only commodity that adds value to people's lives. Time, effort, and the willingness to assist are all gifts we can give each other.

Amid his success, Asare never forgot about the life-changing moment he experienced on the side of a dusty road on his way to school.

When Edward Asare walked from Kokomlemle, a town in Ghana, to De Youngsters School, his shoes suffered. The footwear quickly became worn and torn on the road, and sometimes Asare was forced to walk barefoot.



Around 2007 and 2008, during one of his journies to school, Asare carried his broken sneakers in his hands. He had no idea that he was about to have a life-changing encounter. He shared:

"This physically challenged man who is a shoe repairer saw me holding one of my sneakers in my hands, called me, and repaired it for me. He did it for free. He didn’t collect any money from me."

The encounter stunned Asare, and the stranger's kindness touched him. While many assume only the rich can be generous, Asare learned this wasn't true. A man who did not have much went out of his way to help him.



Asare moved on with his life and worked hard to build a successful career in the media industry. He won awards and made a name for himself as a PR professional, blogger, publicist, and influencer.

Amid his success, Asare never forgot about the life-changing moment he experienced on the roadside on his way to school. It stayed in his mind and inspired him to be a better person.



In 2022, Asare shared a post on LinkedIn about his meeting with the mystery man. He wrote:

"I never forgot his act of kindness. It has always been in mind. I made a post on Twitter about him, and I was told by someone who stays close to where he used to work that he is still there."



When Asare discovered that the kind stranger still lived and worked in the same place, he planned to visit him. The reunion was special and proved that often our actions have a ripple effect we know nothing about. Asare shared:

"I went there to visit him and to tell him how that act of kindness touched the core of my heart. He couldn’t remember me because it was over 16 years ago."

Asare also learned that the man had fixed the shoes of many needy kids. He never asked for anything in return. The media influencer said: "The world belongs to givers. I am grateful, Mr. Ernest Adu Ansah."



The encounter inspired netizens, and many users revealed they had also met the generous man. They shared their stories and encouraged others to live a life of kindness and selflessness. Under Asare's now-viral post, commenters said:

"I know him well. He has always been a kind-hearted person. During my days at De Youngster's around 1999. God bless him."

- (@Stanley Asamoah Larbi) July 26, 2022

"He made me a school sandal for free. I remember very well. Will try visiting soon."

- (@Juliet Kwabea Fianko) July 26, 2022

"No good deed goes to waste. No matter how [small] it seems, it could go a long way in the future. He couldn’t remember, but you did. The good you do for people stays with them."

- (@BELINDA KAMASAH) July 26, 2022



Other netizens applauded Asare for remembering the man and taking the time to find him. One user noted that the media influencer had "a heart of gratitude." Commenters also added:

"Lesson learned: Support others without expecting anything back, and you'll reap the benefits when you least expect it."

- (@Prince Tettevi) July 22, 2022

"May God open our hearts to give and also to appreciate the instruments He uses to bless us! Bless your heart for refreshing us [Asare]!"

- (@Abena Afful) July 22, 2022


Asare's experience displayed the power of kindness in action. It encourages us to look for opportunities where we can help those in need and proves everyone has something to give.

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