My husband sent me by mistake a text between him and his female co-worker. Now I am devastated

Dear AmoMama,

My husband and I have been together for three years now, and I truly believed he loved me, and that we were happy.

A week ago, he accidentally sent me a text meant for a work-friend he is very close to, and he was discussing me.

Briefly, we had been dating for a year and we broke up, and during that time we dated other people. In this text he says:

"To be honest with you if it wasn't for just being fresh out of a relationship that I and 'A' started up. She would have been someone I would have had a serious long-term relationship with cause we had a lot in common. But she chose that guy in the end. When I was ready she had moved on to him. I didn't blame her at the time."

I had always believed he had come back to me because he loved me because he felt he had made a mistake and wanted to be with me for the rest of our lives. Now I see that he asked me to try again, married me because the woman he really wanted chose someone else.

I look at him and at our lives and see a sham. I don't want to be anyone's second choice, a consolation prize. I wanted a man who wanted me, loved me as much as I love and want him.

I spoke to him, and he was furious, said that I had no right to read it, and I pointed out he had sent it to me! He said it was a joke, said I was exaggerating, being dramatic. He said 'of course' he loves me. And he smiled and kissed me. But I know now in my heart, that I am not The One. I am not the love of his life.

He didn't come back because he loved and needed me, he came back because she broke him, and he was safe with me. He came back because it was easy.

Please help me, I am so sad and so angry, and I feel as betrayed as if he was having an affair. Am I wrong? Am I being unfair? I can't think straight. Please advise me, someone! 

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