Medical student hanged himself after ‘friends sent his private messages around university’

The student was devastated by what his friends did, and he ended up taking his own life over it. 

22-year-old Edward Senior had privately messaged his friends to tell them about a relationship he had had with a fellow student. But things went very awry when his friends decided to share those messages to hundreds of people online as a joke. 

As reported by Metro UK, Senior was humiliated and worried that he would be expelled from the school, and could see no other way out. 

Being expelled would mean that his dream of being a doctor would be over, and he ended up returning to his family home 60 miles from the university. He was later found hanged in the woodlands near the house. 

The authorities investigating the suicide are expected to interview Senior friends from the rugby medicals team who shared the messages. 

One of his teammates has made a public statement, saying that there are plenty of false rumors doing the rounds, and that they are devastating the team. 

Senior, who was fondly known as Ted to his family and friends, was part of the rugby, soccer, and cricket teams at Swansea University. Tributes quickly poured in for the popular young man. 

"Ted achieved a huge amount in such a small space of time. He was a talented rugby player and had a great passion for all sports. ‘He got into medical school after years of hard work and sacrifice," his brother Max Senior said. 

Max continued, speaking of how his brother's bright smile could light up any room, and how he had such an incredible impact on people's lives. 

Senior attended Monmouth Comprehensive Shool for Boys where he was head boy and friends with Welsh rugby star Hallam Amos.

While he excelled at rugby, his true dream was to become a doctor. His school also issued a statement about Senior's promise as a potential doctor. 

His family have now set up a foundation in honor of Senior, with the aim of offering help to other youngsters planning on taking their lives. They hope to help save other young lives from the same tragedy Senior met with. 

Swansea University declined to confirm or deny whether or not Senior had been suspended in the days prior to his death. 

A statement issued by a spokesperson for the school read: "We were very saddened to hear of the death of Edward Senior, a student at our Medical School. ‘Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends at this time."

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