School bus crashed into a ravine in Alabama: at least 1 dead, more than 20 seriously injured

Horror crash of school bus leaves Texas high-school in shock.

Yet another horror has visited the Lone Star State following yesterday's bombings, reported on the 13th of March 2018.  

In an unrelated incident, a school bus carrying a Houston high school band crashed into a ravine in Alabama. The charter bus was carrying 45 people from Channelview High School on their return from a fun trip to Disney World.

Mark Kramer, spokesman for the Channelview Independent School District has confirmed that 20 of the passengers were injured and that one had died in the crash. 

The injured passengers have been taken to a local hospital, and further updates on their condition will be given by local medical authorities.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the one fatality and with all those injured in the Alabama charter bus crash today. May they be comforted by all of us on Twitter, so please retweet and keep the prayers going,"

Nina Tomasieski, Nina Tomasieski@MAGANinaJo, 13th March 2018.

The bus was one of two charters carrying the band members. The sister of one of the accident victims, 15-year-old Dewayne Benson, revealed that her brother had been sleeping at the time of the crash and had woken and realized something was amiss when he heard the band director screaming.

At this time, none of the injured, nor the deceased have been identified to the media, and information is still coming in from the crash site, as rescue workers endeavor to clear the debris.

Conflicting information has the bus heading for Orlando, other sources claim it was on the way back to Houston. Motorists are advised to detour through Mobile to avoid the interstate blockage occasioned by the rescue operation. 

All through Texas and Alabama people are calling for prayers and support for the families of the students and staff involved in the accident.

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