Just one dinner fork makes your home more secure

Mar 14, 2018
05:56 A.M.
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A simple life hack for securing any normal door lock with the use of a common fork has taken the internet by storm.


It is possible to secure any door just by using a simple dinner fork, a hammer, and a saw to make a 'fork lock,' an article from Little Things informed.

The simple technique comes in handy not just at home when going out for vacations but also in hotels or to secure public bathroom door that has its lock broken.

The 'fork lock' provides an easy technique and a portable mechanism that's easy to install in any lock and it won't leave any trace behind.

The surprising technique was taught by YouTuber Phil Crockett through his channel, where he showed a simple way of turning simple door locks into worry-free, impenetrable locks.


Crockett suggests taking the fork and placing it in the latch-hole of the door where you want to add extra security. Then he suggests marking the depth of the latch hole on the fork with a marker.

Then, he instructs the viewers to bend the fork up to a right angle from the place where you have placed the mark. After that Crockett wants you to cut the handle off with the saw, leaving the fork in two pieces.


Now you take the fork-end and insert it into the latch hole and shut the door. Next, you insert the handle-end into one of the slots made in the fork. Doing this makes the lock extra secured as it is now double locked.

You can remove the 'fork lock' by simply pulling out the handle from the slot between the fork and turning on the handle.

The surprising technique has caught on as more than 24 million people have viewed the YouTube video so far.

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