Georgia grandma confesses to murdering beloved kindergarten teacher

In a shocking incident, a popular kindergarten teacher was shot to death by her own mother-in-law.

Elizabeth 'Betsy' Wall confessed to killing her own daughter-in-law, 35-year-old Jenna Wall, who was going through a troublesome divorce with her son, as per a report from People.

The source informed that Elizabeth pleaded guilty but mentally ill when she murdered Jenna in a June 2016 shooting.

Jenna was shot four times on the kitchen floor of her parents' home in Powder Springs, Georgia. She had been living there while undergoing the divorce process.

She had her two sons, both of whom are under 10 years of age, in the house, but they were taken outside by Elizabeth right before she shot Jenna.

The 64-year-old murderer made no attempts to evade the crime scene and was soon taken into custody, where she has remained since.

After confessing to her crimes, Elizabeth has been sentenced to a life in prison. As per the state law, she will only be eligible for parole after serving her prison sentence for 30 years. By the time she is ready to claim parole, she will be already 94 years of age.

During the court hearing, the woman was seen crying but she made no excuses or spoke more than making 'basic responses' to the judge, People suggested.

Elizabeth's attorney, Jimmy Berry, later claimed: “Certainly she was very remorseful about what happened. She’s been very open with me about it.”

Jenna was a beloved kindergarten teacher at Kemp Elementary School. She worked in the same community where she was born and raised and was a popular figure around, the source suggested.

Her mother, Sheri Charlton, also got emotional and broke into tears while delivering her statement to the court about the gruesome murder.

According to the prosecutor Jesse Evans, he could not think of any other case where more people from the community had come forward for the hearing.

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