Woman spots a pig taking food across the yard. But after he walks into the barn her heart melts

Mar 14, 2018
09:42 A.M.

The caretaker is confused by a pig’s behavior but learns the truth.


Good Inside Us reported that an inspiring story of two pigs, Horton and Henry, from the time they first came to The Gentle Barn.

Ellie Laks, the founder of the barn, said that the two were in horrible shape when they first came to the barn. They had gone too long without food and their bones were visible.

They were also full of ticks and parasites and were anemic from lack of care. Ellie revealed that they were “scared to death.”

Volunteers and staff sat with them, showing them love and making them feel safe. Once the two realized they were in a safe place, they opened up and let the caretakers get closer to them.


The founder said that they read books and sang to Horton and Henry and their eyes went from dull to bright. It took them a few weeks when they finally rolled over to let them rub their bellies.

Eventually, they put on weight and got stronger. The hair began to soften and they spent days basking in the sun.

The brothers were inseparable. They would spend every moment together.

However, around the time the two turned one, Horton began to have trouble while walking. It was a common issue in pigs raised for food as their legs are not able to support their weight.


Horton had to undergo a surgery and he was put on anti-inflammatory medicine to help his condition.

The caretakers began to observe something strange transpiring between the two. Henry, being the loving and affectionate one, was taking care of his brother.

When the caretakers brought out hay at lunchtime, Henry would grab a mouthful and take it into the barn for his brother.

He would not even allow the other pigs near him. Ellie said that maybe he knew that Horton was delicate and vulnerable.


In fact, when Horton makes a noise, his brother rushes back to him, while also making other little visits throughout the day to make sure he is okay.

Ellie said that the sweet behavior is common among pigs as they are highly emotional animals. They thrive on social interactions and forge deep bonds with family, friends, and even their human caretakers.

Henry also makes sure Horton is comfortable. When Ellie and her team set out straw for bedding, he brings that in for his brother too.

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