Little girl's voice is so clear when she sings 'Amazing Grace' that it’ll blow you away!

After being struck by tragedy at such a young age, she could find only one way to cope with it. 

Rhema Marvanne suffered a terrible loss when she was just 7 years old. There are many things that can change a child's life in horrible ways. 

But for Marvanne, it was when her mother lost a long battle against cancer before she even hit the double digits, reported Jumble Joy

The loss of her mother left her alone in this world, and it took her a long time to be able to deal with her loss. Finally, she found a way in which she was able to cope with the incredible sadness that overwhelmed her all the time. 

Always gifted with the voice of a songbird, Marvanne started to sing with a renewed intensity. 

The tragedy she had suffered through gave her an unusual maturity and sorrow to her voice, making her sound far older than her years. 

Marvanne is now 12 years old, and continues to use singing as a way to relieve her pain over the loss of her mother. 

Recently she recorded the song Amazing Grace, and could be seen in the video footage singing bits and pieces of the song in all the special places where she had made wonderful memories with her mother throughout her lifetime. 

Despite still being a pre-teen, Marvanne has a wonderfully powerful voice, and is able to project in ways that are far beyond her tender age. 

Clearly the loss of her mother has affected her in ways most other children her age could never imagine, and the emotion in her voice is palpable, capable of making others feel and understand her pain. 

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