Chip and pregnant Joanna Gaines finally reveal gender of baby number five

Since their original announcement in social media that they were happily expecting their fifth child together, everybody has been dying to know the sex of the future Gaines’ baby.

Chip Gaines, 43, finally revealed the sex of their unborn child. The Fixer Upper stars’ fifth child is going to be a boy, as he announced through a video he shared via Twitter on March 6, as reported by Fox 25 Boston.

The HGTV reality star had a very uncommon and funny way of making the long-awaited news spread, with a video in which he talked to a toddler about his upcoming child with wife Joanna, 39.

After casually telling the young boy –and the world- that his fifth child is going to be a boy, Chip started to think names starting with a ‘D’ for his unborn son, as he jokingly insists that the child he is talking to has to keep the secret about his baby’s sex.

‘You better keep that to yourself, dude. But listen to me: It’s a little boy, and I need a ‘D’ name. And so far, all I can come up with is Dragon. [Joanna was] like, ‘You are not calling that baby Dragon!’ Can you help me?’ Chip said.

Earlier this month, Joanna flaunted her biggest baby bump to date in a number of photos on Instagram in the company of her husband in a public outing in which Joanna opted to wear a beautiful black dress that outlined and highlighted her baby bump.

The weekend of March 3-4, the Gaines’ spend time with former NFL player Tim Tebow, who runs a charity foundation named after himself that focuses on helping individuals with disabilities in difficult situations.

Joanna and Chip were happy to be present at Tebow’s recent charitable event and they were the principal attraction among the beneficiaries of the initiative, with many of them probably being fans of Fixer Upper.

‘What an amazing weekend with the @timtebowfoundation Thank you for giving hope and love to so many #ttfgolf2018,” she wrote as a caption to the pictures of the event on Instagram.

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