When a woman is done there is nothing to change her mind. And that's how to explain it

Mar 15, 2018
02:50 A.M.
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Women take longer leave, but when they do, they never return.


According to Healthy Holistic Living, there are various reasons a woman decides to leave and one of them is when the relationship is hurting her.

Women are known to love hard, which sometimes leaves them vulnerable in relationships. But it is also true that they know their self-worth.

When a woman realizes that a relationship is not working out, she decides to leave and one can be sure, she will not turn back.

Mistreating a woman could only make her turn away. Hence, it is imperative to treat the woman in one’s life right, which will make her show how much the person means to her.


Here are some thoughts that women go through when she decides to leave for good.

When there is no reason to stay

A woman will eventually realize that a relationship she is giving her 100 percent is only crippling her. In such a scenario, she will find no reason to stay any longer.

If she has exhausted all efforts and when it has become a one-way relationship, she will reach a point where leaving is her only option.

A woman will stay to love and care for her significant other unless she reaches a point she is only losing herself in the process.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

When she has been alone for too long

A healthy and functioning relationship needs two people who are physically and mentally present for one another. If a partner is rarely there for his woman, it is not a complete relationship.


Marriage counselor Justin Schanfarber explained the point saying one reason that women leave is when the man is not present.

She clarified that the men are not bad. In fact, they could be good fathers who support their family. They are nice and likable. But they are not present and are either working, golfing, gaming, watching TV, fishing, etc.

This does not mean that men should have no hobbies. It only means that a man should be available for his woman when she needs the most.

Women are courageous and if she is being anchored down instead of being uplifted, she will eventually cut herself loose so she can move on to the best version of herself.


When she is no longer loved

Many men agree that it is difficult to understand women, but as Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Women are made to be loved, not understood.’

Loving them is the greatest gift they need and they will reciprocate and show how much they value a relationship.

It is also not true that all women are faithful when loved by good men because some fail to appreciate their partner’s love.

But a faithful woman cherishes a healthy relationship. She will love and care for her partner when she is treated right.


Sometimes men only realize the importance of a woman when she is no longer with them. Love matters and it is necessary to love her always, not just when they are about to lose her.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


When she is being taken for granted

If a woman is always giving but never receiving, one cannot expect her to live that way for the rest of her life.

She will have nothing left to give her partner, let alone herself who needs the most care and affection. A woman will walk out when this happens. This will give her the opportunity to rebuild herself and grow.

When she realizes that leaving far outweighs staying, the decision often becomes final.

When she knows she deserves better

The biggest advantage for a woman when it comes to a relationship is knowing her self-worth. When she is not getting the treatment she deserves, she will move on.

Communication is the key to make a relationship work. But when a woman communicates what she needs but it isn’t met, it is clear indication that things have to improve.

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