Another family drama strikes Tori Spelling shortly after her 911 crisis

There are some celebrities who apparently cannot take their lives back on track for a long period of time.

Tori Spelling and her family have been facing something similar in the past couple of weeks as they have called the police three times so far. The first one was on February 28, when Spelling reported that an intruder had broken in her house.

Entertainment Daily reported that it wasn’t an intruder but her husband, Dean McDermott, who got home. The second incident took place the following morning, when the police got a call about a domestic disturbance.

After arriving at the scene and investigating interviewing the family, agents considered no crimes had been committed and didn’t take anyone into custody.

The third time the family needed police assistance was on March 8, when McDermott requested a welfare check for his wife who left the family home to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Investigators tracked her down and realized that there was nothing out of the ordinary. No further actions were taken. Even if all those events were quite uncomfortable for them, something else took place on March 10.

The entire family was escorted from a restaurant located in Tarzana, California, for still unknown reasons. The same source pointed out that McDermott and Spelling have been fighting a lot lately.

Since they have not said anything about their arguments yet, it is hard to tell the reason. However, the fact that they have been facing serious financial issues might be one of the principal causes.

Thankfully for the family, Candy, Spelling’s mother, has been paying for the expenses of the entire family. Her relationship with McDermott is not as good as they would like, though, as she ‘cannot stand him.’

The relationship that Spelling and Candy have is not good either as it has been labeled more than once as ‘complicated’ and ‘horrible.’ All that is left to do is wait and see what the outcome is.

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