If you see brown patches on grass don't mow your lawn. Here's why

An Ontario pest control company posted an adorable video on why you should always check your lawn for spots of dead grass before you mow it.

Jared Houliston knows all about those hidden nests under dead grass. And now, warning others to look out for them has turned into a bit of internet fame for him. He gets multiple calls a week from people who don't see the nests and hit baby rabbits with their lawn mowers.

He owns Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. in Brantford and has made a video that warns people to check for rabbit nests before they mow their lawns. In the video, Houliston peels back the top layer of brown grass on a lawn to reveal a tiny den filled with baby bunnies.

Baby rabbits' nest can be easily missed, according to an Inspiring NTD News report, Houliston wrote how a client informed him that a patch of dry grass in his yard had suddenly moved.

Instantly, the wildlife professional knew the customer had spotted a baby rabbits' den, so the company took the opportunity to educate both the rabbit landlord and the public about what to do in a similar situation.

The best thing to do is leave the bunnies where they are, as their mom isn’t far away. It’s important to pay special attention to the area when mowing the grass or playing in the yard with pets and children as you don’t want to disturb the cute little critters.

Not wanting to draw attention to the nest, the mother will only visit her babies a couple times a day for feeding and grooming. For this reason, people often misjudge the nest as abandoned and will disturb the babies in a well-meaning attempt to save them.

the Humane Society also recommends placing small twigs in a grid pattern over the rabbits' nest and check if they have been orphaned. If the sticks have been moved, that means the mom has returned to feed her babies.

Houliston says the rabbits will generally depart their nest within three weeks, but warns other dens could form throughout the warmer months as the breeding season for rabbits runs from early spring to late summer.

Houliston wrote that a client informed him that a patch of dry grass in his yard had actually moved. For anyone who finds these nests, and would like to remove them, Houliston says not to fear; these babies grow quickly and hop away within two weeks.

The clip has been shared close to 85,000 times and has received more than 3 million views as the organization warns homeowners to be cautious when cutting their lawns.

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