The Internet can’t seem to solve this puzzle

Some puzzles are just difficult to solve.

The internet has gone crazy over a puzzle that can be solved by only one in a thousand people, according to Simple Most.

Sometimes internet has something strange to offer. There have been a number of images that stump the internet

Everyone remembers the blue-vs-white-dress image

Sometimes these are puzzles are a straightforward and just require some good old math skills.

The reason they become viral is that they can be perplexing how others cannot figure it out, while others are able to give the right answer.

They end up taking the web by storm, leaving people wonderstruck and unable to agree on the right answer.

One such puzzle that is making the rounds is a math problem that went viral on social media. Only one in 1,000 people can figure out the right answer.

This is a challenge for anyone who thinks he/she can beat the odds and be one of the few who can solve the problem.

One has to solve it a little differently but once the pattern is understood, it falls into place.

But if the puzzle is difficult and driving one crazy, the answer is given below with a brief explanation.

Most people agree that 1+4 equals 5, but the next line, where 2+5 equals 12, things get a little tricky. 

What has to be done here is add 2+5+ the last result, which in this case is 5. The same thing has to be done until the end and the one will be able to figure out the answer.

The second solution models itself after the equation, a + b=a (b). 1 + 5 = 5, but the answer can also be reached by adding 1 to 4 times 1. 

With the second line, 2 + 2(5) = 12. This sum is also listed in the equation above. Continue to do the same until the end. 

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