Family was swimming in a lake when something suddenly appeared behind them

A soldier decided to surprise his family by returning from his posting in Afghanistan in a truly unique and special manner.

Captain Bronson surprised his family by returning from Afghanistan in a spectacular fashion - he sneaked up behind them underwater using his military scuba equipment, reported Viral Viral Videos.

The source reported that the family had been out at the beach for a normal day of family fun in the sun. Bethany Bronson, the soldier's wife, and their children had not been expecting the kind of surprise that she was about to receive later.

Military homecoming surprises caught on tape are quite common on the internet and social media. They are often filled with emotions and a real tear-jerker. But the video from Bronson was a real surprise as it was a truly 'unique and special' way of surprising his family.

The video shows how the unsuspecting family was distracted for a moment by the cameraman. They become distracted for just long enough for Bronson to sneak up behind them underwater.

The cameraman first comes up to the soldier's daughter to tell her that he is making a video to send over to her father. "What would you say if he was here today?" the cameraman can be heard saying.

He then goes over to Bethany and repeats the question to her as well. To this, Bethany sweetly replies, "Love you, miss you."

Right then, Bronson comes out of the water in his military uniform and stands tall silently behind his family. When Bethany turns, she is not able to recognize her husband for a while. Finally when she does realizes what is happening, she becomes speechless.

The source suggested that Bronson had made his return from Afghanistan three weeks early, so definitely the family could not contain their joy of meeting him.

Bethany definitely couldn't be happier to see her husband and to receive a surprise in such a spectacular manner must have been truly a great experience for her.

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