The internet is going crazy over this puzzle about girls in a mirror

Mar 19, 2018
10:08 A.M.

A brain teaser helps keep everyone active.


Simple Most shared a puzzle in the form of an Instagram photo.

A photo submitted by Tiziana Vergari has sent the internet into a tizzy. She submitted the photo to the #WHPidentity Instagram photo contest.

It was a competition that celebrated individuality and people were asked to submit their photos. The p

The photo has led to a big debate over the correct answer, though it may seem simple to figure out how many girls are in the image.

Like the famous blue-or-white dress image, people have guessed a wide range of answers from two to 12 girls.

Unfortunately, the right answer was not out for a long time. Everyone was waiting for the official answer from Vergari.

She had posted a few hints in the caption of the photo. But when one considers the use of mirrors, they may reach the right answer.


The photo has garnered over 22,900 likes after it was posted on March 7, 2016, and has turned into a viral sensation.

The Swiss photographer Vergari’s (@tizzia) photo has been the cause of confusion due to the optical illusion of seeing a row of the same faces being repeated.

No one seems to agree on the number of girls in the photo with some saying there are 13 girls, others saying three and quite a few others saying there are two sets of twins.

One user, who was left baffled, resorted to focusing on the little details saying two of the girls had bracelets on and that the eye line is different on two of the girls, which makes it four girls in the photo.

Using the same logic, another user said that there were six girls when one looked at the bracelets.

Here is the answer.

Vergari revealed that the photograph features two sisters looking into a mirror.

Yet, the debate among the users does not seem to cease about the number of girls and also on how the ‘optical illusion’ was captured in the first place.

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