A Boy and a Princess Frog

Mar 19, 2018
07:53 A.M.

An interesting twist to an age-old story.


A talking frog called out to a boy. Though he was startled, he saw an opportunity.

When a boy was walking down a road, he heard a frog calling out to him. At first, he was shocked but heard out the frog.

The frog said that if the kissed the frog, it will turn into a beautiful princess.

The young boy thought about it for a moment. He bent down picked up the frog and smiled at it.

He then placed the frog into his pocket.

The frog spoke to him a few minutes later again. It said that it would turn back into a beautiful princess if the boy kisses.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

This time, the frog also added that once it turns into a beautiful princess, she would stay with the boy for a week.

The boy took the frog out from his pocket, smiled at it. Then again, he put the frog back into his pocket.

A few minutes went by when the frog spoke again from the young man’s pocket. It said that if the boy kissed her and turned her back to the beautiful princess that she was, she would anything the boy wanted.


The boy again took the from out of his pocket. He looked at the frog for a long moment, smiled and put it back into his pocket.

Finally, the frog lost its cool. It cried out loud from the boy’s pocket.

It was surprised the boy had not done anything despite several requests. It asked the boy what the matter was and why he was not doing anything about it.

The boy did not seem like he wanted to kiss the frog and turn it back into a beautiful princess. He did not do anything even when the frog said she will stay with him and do anything the boy wants.

The boy took the frog from his pocket and finally spoke to the frog.

He told the frog that he was an engineering student and has no time for a girlfriend, but he was impressed with a talking frog.

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