"My husband's first wife passed away years ago, now he's telling me he wishes it was rather me"

Mar 30, 2018
11:03 A.M.

A woman confessed how she was 'beyond hurt' after her husband told her that he wished it was her who passed away 11 years ago rather than his first wife.



revealed how her husband, Nick, and his first wife, Vanessa, were married for 5 years and even had two beautiful children, Luke, 15, and Lila, 13.

11 years ago, Vanessa passed away in an accident, and Nick eventually met her 8 years ago. Soon the two began dating and 3 years later Nick asked her to marry him.

The woman suggested that Nick had always been a bit distant than anyone else she had ever met, but she understood that because of the tragedy in his life.

She became a part of his life and grew close to his children as well. When she was pregnant with their son, Casey, she even officially adopted the two children. Nick also had been supportive of her during pregnancy and they had the best of a family life.

Over the past few months, the woman wrote, Nick started 'pulling away' a lot more. He started going out with a friend more during the weekends. Nothing changed even when they found out that she was pregnant with another little girl.

So when she finally confronted her husband about his disappearances and about how she should make more time for the family as they were soon having another child, and Lily and Luke would soon be in college, Nick screamed back at her.


In the fight, he even told her how he wished Vanessa was still alive and that she would have died in her stead. He also told her to stop pretending she was Luke and Lila's real mother and that she was only 'half the mother' that Vanessa was.

Perhaps, the most hurtful thing he said was that he never wanted any children with her. He only did so in the hopes that she would be busy with them and would leave him alone

The woman desperately called for any bits of advice that could help her make the right decision in life.

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