Missing boy from Colorado dies only hours after being found

Children's safety should always be a number one priority. But, sometimes, no matter how hard people try, they still can't prevent tragedies from happening.

On Saturday, March 17, 2018, St. Patrick's Day, an Amber Alert was issued for Nain Dominguez, a 2-year-old that went missing around 5 p.m. at Stratmoor Hill Trailhead Park, in Colorado

The toddler was playing with an older sibling, who is yet to be identified when he went missing. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office assembled a search team to look for the boy, as reported by Fox News

Dominguez was lost for 14 hours until he was found on Sunday morning, at 7:15 a.m. The police officers on the case stumbled upon him near the intersection of Aqualane Drive and Forest Road..

But, although he had been found, the 2-year-old wasn't well. He was severely injured. An ambulance was immediately called and the boy was rushed to the nearest hospital.

When he arrived there, a team of doctors was already expecting him. But, despite the doctors' best efforts, they couldn't save Dominguez's life. His injuries were just too severe.

According to the source, a spokesperson for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office refused to comment on the extension of those injuries. Instead, they shared that they were possibly looking for a white van.

Supposedly, this van wouldn't have rear windows, but the authorities' theory was shot down after interviewing several witnesses that were at the park on Saturday.

As reported by KKTV, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office will continue to investigate the case, and has asked for the community's help when it comes to catching the culprit.

The plead was made through the Office's Twitter account, asking people to step forward and share any information that might help the investigation.

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