20-year-old woman is kidnapped. Suddenly, she remembers life-saving advice mom gave her ages ago

A huge number of crimes happen everywhere on a daily basis. Young women are people’s most common target because they think they cannot defend themselves.

Jordan Dinsmore, a 20-year-old college student, was about to be raped and murdered but, thanks to a piece of advice her mother gave her in the past and to her ability to keep calm, she managed to survive without any physical scar.

According to Good Inside Us, she was in front of her house after a late shift at a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings. As soon as she parked her car, three young men jumped out from a bunch of trees behind her.

The fact that surprised Dinsmore was that they were armed. When they took her purse and her phone, she thought everything was over but the nightmare had just begun.

At gunpoint, they told her to get in the car. When one of them saw that it had a manual transmission, which neither of them knew how to drive, he ran away and left the other two with Dinsmore.

They demanded her to drive to an ATM. As soon as she withdrew the maximum amount of $300, she got back in the car and remembered what her mother, a survivor of attempted assault, told her once.

She pointed out that there were three things her mother recommended: to keep a cool head, never let the attacker get her out of the public eye, and find a way to escape because, after all, they would shoot her after raping her anyway.

Dinsmore kept driving but she never put her seatbelt back on. The attackers told her to take them to their ‘auntie’s’ house where they were planning to rape her. Acting as if she was confused, she missed an exit.

One of the attackers lost his patience and told her to pull over. She slowed the car to about 35 MPH, placed it into neutral, opened the door, and jumped out. While the attackers were trying to stop the car, she ran away screaming.

A woman who was driving nearby immediately stopped and helped her. After the police was informed, they found and arrested the three attackers: 17-year-old Raquan Dejoure Green and two 15-year-old males who cannot be named because of their age.

‘The only reason I wasn’t raped and most likely killed was because I kept my head and jumped out of my own moving vehicle on a busy street to get away.’

Jordan Dinsmore, Good Inside Us, January 10, 2018.

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