How many of us are opting to use reusable cloths instead of regular toilet paper?

Reusable toilet paper could soon become a reality.

Scary Mommy reported an experiment to replace the traditional toilet paper with a ‘family cloth.’

There are somethings humans cannot live without. According to reports, food, water is immediately followed by toilet paper as a necessity for the civilization.

The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia stated that 69% of people think that the toilet paper is the modern convenience most likely to be taken for granted.

Revealing the important position it has come to occupy, the encyclopedia said that 49% of people chose toilet paper over food.

This has some serious environmental concerns. The 9 Billion puts it into perspective. 

Each tree can make about 1,000 rolls of toilet paper. American alone uses seven billion rolls in a year that translates into seven million trees being cut every year.

The environmental damage has led many to use family cloth. It is a concept not totally alien to the humans.

Cloth wipes are used which are then dropped in a bucket instead of the toilet. They are then laundered and the cycle is repeated.

One woman described her experience of using a family cloth. Having already used the cloth diaper for her child, she had to use the same principle for the adults too.

After wiping her son, she would drop the cloth into a pail and then put it into a washing machine on the sanitary setting.

She decided to use a few of them in each bathroom accompanied with a small plastic trashcan.

The family began the experiment, though she was not joined in by her husband, who insisted on using the toilet paper.

She did have to wield the spray bottle when her children used the bathroom. She then dumped the reusable toilet cloth into the diaper pail. 

Though her experiment failed, she did have some learnings from it. One of the most important lessons was to think of ways to get rid of the smell emanating from the bathroom and the pail.

She went back to using the toilet paper, hoping she would be able to do her bit for the environment when she is better equipped. 

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