Man tells woman her horse is dead. Then she comes closer and the horse "comes to life"

Mar 24, 2018
04:35 P.M.

A strange habit of Palma's horse causes her much annoyance time and again because of the visitors and neighbors.


Ms. Gabby reported about a strange habit of a horse named Pinto, who sleeps flat on his back and frequently gives the neighbors a scare that it might be dead.

The source wrote that the owner of the horse, Mark Palma, is tired of getting unusual phone calls from neighbors and other visitors warning him that his horse was dead.

The owner took to Facebook to share one such incident when his wife received a call from electrical contractors about his horse being dead.

The contractors called her up and told her that they witnessed a dead horse on her pasture. Palma remained cool about this as she knew her horse well. She replied that he was not dead but he "plays dead" most of the time.


She even asked the contractors if the horse's leg was sticking straight up in the year. The contractors replied affirmatively but insisted that it was because rigor mortis had set in.

When the contractors were not convinced that the horse was only "playing possum," Palma's wife went to meet them, but with a camera in her hand to film the entire scene.

Approaching her horse, she yells at Pinto to wake up, then even throws pebbles at him in an effort of waking him up. The horse then makes some noise and then eventually wakes up after much pestering from his owner.

Sharing the video on his social media, Palmer has now requested her neighbors and other visitors not to call her to report about the horse's death unless someone actually saw buzzards flying over the body.

The video that Palma put up on social media has been loved by internet users as it was shared over 78,000 times, making it go viral.

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