Terri Irwin shares a sweet photo of her daughter and her beau, sparking engagement rumors

Terri Irwin uploaded an adorable picture of her daughter and her beau that suggests Bindi is ready to tie the knot.

Amomama shares with you news of wildlife activist, Bindi Irwin’s rumored engagement to her boyfriend after her Mum uploaded a sweet picture of them both as reported by Daily Mail on March 18, 2018.

After years of kissing frogs, it seems wildlife activist, Bindi Irwin, has finally met her Prince charming and they’re ready to tie the knot as suggested by a recent picture her author mother, Terri Irwin, shared on St Patrick’s Day.

In the adorable picture shared by Terri Irwin on her Twitter account, a throwback picture of little Bindi dressed in a green hat with pigtails and white shirt with a frog being held in front of her was put side by side with a grown of picture of Bindi cuddling up to her boyfriend, Chandler Powell, while she hugged a Koala bear.

The humorous mother captioned the St Patrick’s Day post throwing a little shade on her 19-year-old daughter saying:

‘ After many years of @BindIirwin, it finally paid off! #KissMeImIrish’

The funny tweet had over a thousand likes and several retweets from fans of the Irwin clan.

Although the picture had a funny twist to it, fans are suggesting that Terri used the post as a way of announcing Bindi’s engagement to her boyfriend of almost 3 years.

Like Terri’s post wasn’t enough sign of Bindi’s engagement, Terri’s actor friend Russell Crowe shared the picture and the supposed bride-to-be Bindi shared it also.

Chandler was also in the loop as she posted a sweet photo of himself and Bindi which was taken by her younger brother, Robert.

He captioned the sweet post:

‘Moments like these walking by the river with my girl are what I live for. This photo encompasses what our every day is about, constant laughter and no clue of where life would take us that day. That is the best way to live’

The rumored engagement was further sealed when Bindi referred to herself as Chandler’s wife  when she revealed she’s been practicing for Australia Zoo’s wife-carrying competition.

We’re not so sure what to believe has neither of them has confirmed their engagement but congrats to both of them on finding true love!

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