Video captures man diving into a hole. Friend screams after seeing the crab he got out

Mar 20, 2018
09:07 P.M.

Although most people around the world are scared of weird, underground monsters, it seems like Australians are really accustomed to this reality.


And according to Daily Mail, this Australian animal enthusiast shocked his social media followers when he decided to dive into a hole in the ground only to take out a giant crab out of it.

Wildlife expert Beau Greaves, who lives in Queensland, shared a video which shows himself reaching into a hole in the ground until his entire torso is underground, before pulling out the enormous animal.

Before going in, the expert explained that he was going to lure the crab with a stick before grabbing it from behind with his free hand.

His friend, who was filming the whole procedure, had to help him get out but when Greaves showed the crab to him, he was completely shocked.

Greaves was forced to crawl into the hole where the crab was hiding and disappeared up to his hips under the ground.


After he escaped from the crab's lair, he revealed the crustacean, gripped firmly in his hand, with its dangerous pincers just inches from his face.

The video finally ended after the shocked friend screamed at the gigantic creature, as severely muddy Greaves let go of the crab on the floor.

The video was very popular on the Internet and went viral just days after being posted, as it had been viewed more than one million times just in a week.

'Another solid muddy up in the holes using my decoy stick, tried to explain it a little bit how to get them out. Been bitten twice, nearly lost a finger and been close to having my wrist crushed, but I guess the more you do it the better you get at it,' Greaves wrote in the post.

He also warned his fanbase about the fact that it is illegal to use a crab hook in Queensland, but if anyone manages to get one using just their bare hands, they have 'earned the feed.'

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