When you sup with the Devil take a long spoon

Always read the small print before you sign a deal with the Devil.

There was a mix up with some files and a man was sent down to Hell by mistake.

The Demon at the door tells him there has been a mistake and that he must go Upstairs, but the Devil hears them talking and intervenes.

He steps in, introduces himself and puts an arm around the man's shoulders.

"My friend, are you sure you want to go Upstairs? Play the harp and float on a cloud all day? It's very very dull!"

"Well," said the man, " What have you got on offer down here? From what I heard it's pretty awful!"

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

"All rumors and propaganda!" cried the Devil. "We have the most beautiful women, the most interesting characters..."

The man is suspicious: "How do I know I'd like it here?"

"Why!" said the Devil, "I can show you your room!" And he takes him along to a very luxurious room where Saddam Hussein is having wild sex with Madonna.

"I thought you'd like this! It's the Presidential Suit!"

"Yes!" cried the man, "I'll take it!"

"Wonderful." said the Devil, "If you will just sign this disclaimer..."

The man signs and the Devil calls to a passing Demon: "You over there! Take Madonna out and give this idiot to Saddam..."

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