Famous actress of popular TV show faces heartbreaking family loss

Lili Reinhart shared her personal pain over a tragic loss with her fans

Devotees of the popular Warner Brothers TV series Riverdale were saddened by the news that actress Lili Reinhart who plays Betty is in mourning, shared FaithFamilyAmerica on the 21st of March 2018.

Reinhart shared on social media that she had just lost her grandmother. The 21-year-old actress was heartbroken over the sudden death of her beloved 'Nana' and posted a tribute to the lady.

She published a photograph of her grandmother as a young woman and captioned it with a heartrending declaration of grief and admiration.

“My Nana went to heaven this morning. I’m heartbroken. Speechless. All I can say right now is how loved she was by her entire family. We will miss her more than words can say.”

Lili Reinhart, FaithFamilyAmerica on the 21st of March 2018.

Amy Reinhart, Lili's mother, also declared her devotion and admiration for her deceased mother in the form of a poem. Her choice fell on a lovely work entitled  “Embracing Hope” written by Anita Ford.

The poem speaks tellingly of not just the pain of loss, and the deep darkness of grief; it also expresses hope and anticipation of the joy of a renewal of love, a new meeting with the beloved in a better place. 

At this time, no date has been set for the funeral, nor has there been any indication that it would be anything but a private ceremony attended by the family, and the close friends of the deceased.

Many social media followers were deeply moved by the poem, and by the Reinhart family's deep grief at the loss of a great influence in their life. Fans and well-wishers have sent both flowers and prayers to the actress and her family in their time of grief.

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