'Please educate your children.' Desperate dad writes emotional letter to parents

A heartbroken father took to social media to share a message about a disorder that should not be ignored by anyone.

Dan Bezzant of Idaho, whose son, Jackson, lives with Treacher Collins condition, posted an emotional and inspiring message about it that has moved the internet and social media, reported Shared.

When his son returned home from school one day and started complaining about the derogatory comments he had to endure each day, the father took to social media to pour his emotions.

In the social media post, he wrote about how his heart 'was in pieces' and his soul felt like it was ripping from his chest. He then disclosed that his son had to go through a 'constant barrage of derogatory comments' because of the ignorance.

He further shared that Jackson was routinely called 'ugly,' 'freak,' and 'monster.' The young boy which is only 8 years old was now already thinking about suicide. He has not made any friends and he believes that 'everyone hates him.'

He further wrote how other children push him around and even throw rocks at him, shouting out derogatory and horrific comments.

So, Bezzant made a sincere appeal to all the parents to educate the children. He requested everyone to share his post so that more people would be aware of the Treacher Collins condition and other children do not have to endure what Jackson had suffered.

Bezzant's appeal has been given an overwhelming response by the social media users. The post has so far been shared over 36,000 times and every comment made has been in support of the young child, the source informed.

Treacher Collins is a disorder that affects the structure of the face. It generally deforms the eyes, ears, cheekbones, and jawbone. In some cases, it can even hurt the overall growth and development of the head and lead to hearing loss.

Still, many people with this condition to live a long healthy life and have normal intelligence.

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