February 08, 2019

Do you have a cast iron pan hiding away in your closet somewhere? You must know the truth

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Despite being a concept over 2000 years old, they are still the best pans that one could use today. 

Cast iron ovens and cauldrons were the staple of any chef's kitchen long before anything else was even an option. But despite all the other alternatives today, the cast iron pan is still the best cookware that can be found. 

As reported by Providr, there are many benefits to using cast iron cookware, including the fact that it is likely to last a lifetime. 

While these are mostly only found in chef's kitchens and people's grandparents' houses today, they should really come back into fashion, as there uses are so widespread and versatile. 


In fact, there are many chefs who argue that no other pan should ever be required in a household. 

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Here are just 8 reasons why a cast iron pan is a solid investment:

1. Versatility

These pans can be used in most cooking situations. While most people will only use modern pans on the stove top, cast iron pans can be used in the oven, on the barbecue, or even over an open fire. 

2. Health benefits

Using a cast iron skillet can potentially give the immune system an iron boost. The combination of the pan over heat cooking food can provide a healthy level of iron nutrients into the food. 

3. Non-toxic


Newer pans are made with cheap Teflon and lower-grade metals, and won't have the same durability as a cast-iron skillet. 

4. Easy to clean

In theory, if washed soon enough after use, a cast iron pan may not even require soap to clean it! All that is needed is an abrasive sponge and hot water. 

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5. Durability

One cast iron skillet could last for several generations. If they are cared for properly, there is no reason that a cast iron pan should break or become redundant. Even if rust rears its ugly head, it's fairly easy to remove with steel wool and elbow grease. 

6. Maintains heat

If the temperature of the pan is slowly heated up, it cooks food perfectly evenly throughout the pan. Once heated, it becomes a slow conductor of heat. 

7. Relatively inexpensive

In most parts of the world, cast iron skillets are far cheaper than the supposedly superior modern cookware alternatives. They are also fairly easy to find.

8. Meals taste better

Some believe that cast iron skillets add a "depth of flavor that no other cookware can.” In other words, food cooked in the cast iron pans will have an extra flavor that will be superior to that cooked in any other pan.