It turns out that making your bed can actually make you sick

This shocking research about making bed sheets and our health condition would surprise many parents.

Studies revealed that making the bed first thing in the morning can actually help bacteria that find their way onto our beds and may make us sick, a report from Shared informed.

For many people making their bed in the morning are an important part of their life and a great start to their day. Many believe that making the bed is equivalent to getting the first 'espresso shot' for the day.

But a study revealed a shocking truth about bad habits and how making the bed in the morning has the relationship with our health. It turns out that making the bed first thing in the morning can actually make people sick.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Researchers discovered that making your bed tends to create an environment in your bed that is suitable for the dust mites to thrive in.

People tend to sweat when they sleep, which creates a warm and moist space for microscopic creatures to survive. So these creatures tend to make their home on the bed we sleep. They feed on the dead invisible skins from the comfort of this warm place.

Now when a person throws the bed sheets to a side, it is better to just leave it there. This way fresh air and light will kill the dust mites that have settled onto the bed.

Simply making your bed quickly in the morning would deprive those sheets of the much-required air and sunlight.

The source also suggested that those who are a bit more conscious may try tidying up their bed later in the day after it has seen air and light for at least a few hours.

These dust mites can lead to serious sickness, especially among the people suffering from asthma or those who are allergic to dust.

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