How to keep the flame of desire alight year after year

A woman decided to take her daughter's advice and transformed her sex-life

A young woman and her mother are having tea, and she says: "My husband is so in love with me, he makes love to me two-three times a day, every day."

"Oh!" cried her mother, "Those were the days! Your father hasn't looked at me in years!"

"Well, Mom, you must set the mood, light the candles, and wear something sexy!"

"What do you wear?" asks the Mother, "Lingerie?"

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

"Well," simpered the daughter coyly, " I must admit my husband's favorite is when I wait for him at the door in my birthday suit, with a rose between my teeth..."

"I don't know..." sighs the mother, "I must think about that!"

That night she decides to surprise her husband, so she lights some candles, pours out some champagne and opens the front door stark naked with a rose between her teeth.

SOurce: PIxnio

SOurce: PIxnio

"Good grief!" shouts the man, "What is this? What's going on?"

"Darling I wanted to surprise you! Do something romantic," she smiled seductively, "So to mark this a special occasion, I am wearing my birthday suit for you!"

"Well," said the man crossly, "In that case the least you could have done is iron the damn thing..."

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