Bob Barker pays a touching tribute to his late wife on the 36th anniversary of her death

The iconic actor paid a visit to his late wife's grave and showed everyone just how much he still loved her.

Famous television personality Bob Barker paid a visit to the grave of his wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon, who passed away 36 years ago at the age of 67 due to lung cancer.

According to Uplifting Today, the actor showed great dedication toward his wife by visiting her grave, cleaning it, and spending a great time reflecting on her memories.

The source suggested that Barker's effort to commemorate his wife showed how much loyal he had stayed toward Gideon all these years and how much he still loved her.

The famous couple met for the first time at Ella Fitzgerald concert when they were only 15 years-old. They fell in love soon after. In 1945, the couple got married and then got subsequent jobs in the entertainment industry.

Gideon started making a living by singing commercial jingles. She also deeply interested and passionate about animal rights, just like her husband.

The source quoted Baker as once revealing in a 2007 interview that Gideon was always ahead of her times. He revealed that she stopped wearing fur coats before anyone else stopped. Similarly, she started becoming a vegetarian before anyone else was doing it.

When she sadly passed away from lungs cancer in 1981, Baker decided that he would never remarry. "She was my wife," he had boldly claimed.

On the anniversary of Gideon's death, Barker visited her grave with a caregiver and spent about 20 minutes, the source revealed. He cleaned the grave and then left flowers before taking some time to reflect on their memories shared together.

Bob Barker is a legendary name in television and entertainment industry. He was most famous for hosting the famous show The Price is Right for decades. He is also a profound animal lover and World War II veteran.

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