Kind woman helps homeless man reunite with his beloved 'friend'

While most people would ignore him standing at the side of the road, she took the time to realize what it was he wanted. 

More often than not, passersby won't bother to read the signs held up by the homeless on the streets. But Wilma Price of Texas slowed down enough in the Walmart parking lot to see that Patrick's sign was not asking for money or food. 

As reported by Inspire More, Patrick's sign read: "dog in pound, need help."

Price described the man as looking like a lost little boy, desperate to get his friend back. Instead of just carrying on on her way, she stopped to get more information from him. 

The man had recently been in jail for a few days on a trespassing charge. While he was in the clink, his dog, Fred, had been impounded and listed as a stray. Upon his release, Patrick had wanted to leave town, but refused to do that without Fred. 

Unfortunately, when he went to retrieve Fred from the clutches of the pound, he found that doing so would come with a hefty price tag. It was going to cost Patrick $120 for Fred's release. 

The fee included a $35 impoundment fine, as well as costs for vaccinations and flea and heartworm medication. 

After hearing his story, Price realized she only had $8. Not prepared to leave it at that, she gave Patrick her card, and told him she would do what she could to help him. 

When she arrived home, she called the pound to verify the story, and then a friend who happily agreed to donate some money to the cause. 

Just two hours after having met Patrick, he and Price arrived at the pound with the cash in hand to release Fred.

Price took to Facebook to share the emotion of their reunion, where Patrick's eyes were welling up with tears and the sweet pup was shaking with excitement. 

Incredibly grateful for all the help Price had given him, Patrick offered her all the money he had collected that day. She refused, telling him instead to go feed himself and Fred with the money. 

"The lesson here is don’t judge a book by their covers. That’s the whole thing. We’re in such a judgmental world. Everybody deserves a chance — you never know, in the blink of an eye that could be you," Price explained of her actions. 

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