500-year-old cottage looks abandoned. But in fact, the interior is simply magical

This old, rustic cottage in the middle of greenery might be deceiving people about its true beauty and comforts.

A cottage in Malvern Hills, UK is 500 years old and looks abandoned for centuries, but its interior decoration is truly mesmerizing, according to Home Hacks.

The cottage known as the Wishbone was originally a barn built in the 15th century between an old fruit farm and a fishing pond. And the beautiful interior it has to offer can rarely be predicted from its exterior that's just old with rickety wooden door and brick walls.

Wishbone is a Grade-II listed structure, the source suggested and further informed that it still had the original timber, stone walls, and vaulted truss ceilings.

The walls are white-washed and the rooms are open, airy, and have ample space. The seating area has a comfortable velvet sofa as well as eclectic throw pillows and a vintage chest that is now being used as a coffee table.

Behind the sitting area lies the exquisite kitchen and dining table. There is all the amenity possibly required in a typical kitchen including cooker, fridge, small freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. A little farther, there is also a washing machine.

Going past the dining table, one can walk along the brick floors to reach the comfortable and luxurious bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The bedroom has a king-size bed with crisp linens and there is also a small heater to the side of the bed.

Despite being 500-year-old the cottage offers all the modern luxuries including a lavish-looking bathroom. The design of the cottage uses rustic elements with contemporary furnishings.

So, the guests staying at Wishbone get to experience the history along with all the comforts of the modern life. Upstairs, there is even an alluring and welcoming hayloft that has now been turned into a den.

The outdoor cobblestoned patio just provides a perfect addition for anyone wishing to experience this luxurious cottage.

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