Justin Bieber, 24, was spotted for the first time since he was involved in a car collision

Justin Bieber, 24, was involved in a car accident last Friday night, but he seems to have remained unscathed. 

The 'Boyfriend' singer was spotted playing Football last Saturday, despite being caught up in the accident the night before. 

Justin seemed to be enjoying the sport, sprinting for the ball and engaging in tackles. His blonde hair would often swing to his eyes, temporarily blinding him as he ran until he was able to sweep them up again.

At one point of the game, Justin's team seemed to be ahead of their opponent that he chest bumped one of his teammates.

After the game, the Canadian native posed with the rest of his team for a photo, lying down on the grass. 

Bieber's accident the night before came after a vehicle hit him from behind. However, this doesn't seem to stop him from driving as he drove his blue Lamborghini around LA that same Saturday.

While his car was already a sight to see, Justin was also quite hard to miss as he walked around LA's streets in a bright red and yellow outfit. He wore matching sneakers and a blue hat over his messy hair.

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