Stranger threw garbage on a farmer's property. Man finds the address and prepares revenge

While most people will manage their trash using the most common solutions available, some people just seem to prefer causing trouble.

Out in California, there is a farm, and like all farms, it is easy to find beauty in the flatlands and the symmetrically-growing crops one can encounter there.

According to Liftable, the farm's owner was out watching the land when he suddenly came across a jumbled pile of trash bags lying in his field.

According to Relay Hero, one man decided that it was a good idea to dispose of his trash right there on the farm instead of using his own garbage bin.

After finding the culprit's home address, the farmer decided it was a good moment to teach somebody a lesson in life and ethics.

According to Life Aspire, the driver decided to pull over and dump out all of the trash in his car. The driver didn't just dump it in the countryside, as he dumped it all on the farmer's private property.

At first, the farmer was furious after facing a big pile of trash on his land, as he wanted to give whoever did it a piece of his mind.

When the farmer was picking up the trash off the ground, he found one particular item among all that garbage, an envelope with the culprit’s home address.

According to Newsner, the farmer then piled all the trash into the back of his pickup truck and set off for the address in question.

Just before driving away, the farmer snapped a picture of his successful garbage-return mission. The reaction to the now-viral post has been amazing.

The next time this guy thinks about managing his trash, he will think again before going on the highway and choosing a random farm to let go of it.

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