Dad gives toddler ice cream for the first time. Did the kid like it?

In the cute video of the toddler, his father lets him have ice-cream for the first time. The little boy’s reaction is cute and funny as he keeps going back for more spoonfuls.

Little Ty was caught on video experiencing brain freeze for the first time. But the pain doesn’t deter him from wanting more of the delicious coldness according to This Went Boom!.

Ty is only 19-months-old and he had never had ice-cream before. After dinner, he saw his mother’s bowl and how everyone else was eating it.

Out of curiosity, he asked for some too. Little did he know how cold it was going to be or that it could give him brain freeze.

His father got the little boy’s spoon and scooped some ice-cream for him. Ty was excited but as soon as it went into his mouth, the cold made him make funny faces.

The toddler wasn’t sure what to think of the dessert at first but when he tasted it he found out that it was good. Despite the brain freeze he kept coming back for more.

Every time he took a bite he would get brain freeze and would tap on his head. His father could be heard saying to the boy that the dessert was cold.

Everyone, including his parents, could be heard laughing as the adorable boy kept going back for more spoonfuls.

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