Paris Jackson reportedly begs famous aunt to convince grandparents to accept new female lover

Just last week, photos of Paris Jackson and model Cara Delevingne kissing made rounds on the internet, proving that the couple had nothing to hide. Sources close to Paris say she has never been as happy in a relationship as she is now and most of her close family members gave their approval.

However, one crucial pair does not approve of a same-sex relationship due to their religious beliefs – grandparents Katherine and Joe. Radar reports that the teen is leaning on her open-minded auntie Janet Jackson, to convince them to accept Cara.

The photos of the two kissing emerged last week, and it seems they had not a care in the world who saw them canoodling and dancing to no music on the streets. Sources close to Paris say that she thinks the world of Cara.

“Paris is telling everyone that it was love at first sight, and Cara treats her like a princess. Paris is desperate for Joe and Katherine’s approval. It breaks her heart that she is madly in love with Cara and she can’t bring her girlfriend to meet them. Cara has already met several of her family including Paris’ brother Prince who totally supports Paris’ relationship.”

The source revealed that Paris has no intention of labeling herself as gay as she hates labels. Since her grandparents are not bulging, the model is seeking the help of her aunties Janet and LaToya help convince them. The source said that the mentioned aunties are happy for Paris and even agreed to speak to their parents. They are happy that she can be her authentic self and that she is so happy at this point in her life.

Do you think the grandparents are being too hard on Paris? Tell us in comments.

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