Officer offers to watch 2-year-old while dad's in court. Dad returns and melts at the scene

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 09, 2018
12:36 A.M.
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He went beyond the call of duty to help a father.


Officer Kevin Norris offered to babysit a little girl whose father had to face a judge for a previous traffic ticket at the Utah County Court House, as reported by Positivshare.

The incident took place in Orem, Utah. Jose Moncayo brought along his two-year-old daughter, Abi, when he went to the court to settle a previous traffic ticket he received.

He was able to find a babysitter so he was forced to take Abi with him. But courthouses aren't usually a place for small children.

While waiting outside the courtroom, Abu busied herself running down the halls and entryway of the courthouse. She made the building her play area.


But Jose realized he had a problem when it was time to see the judge. He knew it would be hard to bring the child inside the court.

In fact, he wasn't allowed to bring Abi into the court with him. He also realized he couldn't leave his daughter alone in the hallway.


Jose was in the middle of this predicament when Officer Kevin Norris of the Orem Police department came by.

The officer, who was also at the courthouse to provide his testimony, had been watching Jose and his daughter all along. He quickly knew that Jose would have a problem when it's his time to see the judge.

Norris offered to babysit the toddler while Jose settles his traffic ticket with the judge inside the court. Jose couldn't have been more thankful.

Officer Noris held Abi's hand and escorted her around the courthouse. He provided her with water and even some treat.


When Abi finally ran low on energy, Officer Norris played some cartoons on his phone for her.

The little girl climbed onto his lap and leaned her head against him as she watched cartoons on his iPhone. It didn't take long before Abi fell asleep in his arms.

This was the scene Jose saw when he emerged from the courtroom. Jose was touched by Officer Norris's gestures.

"We're not just officers who are out there to arrest people," the officer said. "We're out there to make our community a better place."