Husband embraces wife on the ice. Within seconds, they make real magic on ice

The couple were preparing for the upcoming Olympics when they put on this wonderous performance. 

Alexa Scimeca-Knierim and Chris Knierim, real-life husband and wife, also double as a pairs figure skating team. In 2016, while focusing on training for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, the performed a beautiful routine. 

As reported by FaithTap, even over two decades after the film was released in 1997, Titanic still has a major impact. Celine Dion's song, My Heart Will Go On, will forever be associated with the movie. 

Many couples still try and replicate the moment when Jack and Rose stand at the bow of the ill-fated ship together, and many a dancer has also tried to reimagine the romance with the soundtrack. 

Here Alexa and Chris have also taken a shot at it, but this is no ordinary dance. The couple skates their way across - ironically -  a large chunk of ice, but they are destined to have a much more positive result. 

Instead of a disaster in the making, the couple puts on an absolutely breathtaking display, gliding gracefully across the smooth surface together to capture the romance. 

The couple used the music to great effect, shifting their choreography to suit the changes in the melody perfectly. 

The crowd immediately fell silent as the gentle lilt of My Heart Will Go On started to play, and Alexa and Chris snuggled up close to one another for the opening beats. 

While Rose from the film is only pretending she can fly when standing at the bow of the ship, Alexa actually does as Chris picks her up and throws her skillfully through the air. 

The pair's technical ability is mesmerizing to watch, as Chris is able to throw his wife into the air for the split triple twist and catch her with plenty of time to spare. They've also matched their footwork perfectly to the beat of the music. 

It's easy to see how this pair managed to help the US team to a bronze at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in the team event!

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