Cat’s friend died from cancer, so his owners let her say 'goodbye'

This heart-wrenching video shows that cats are just as emotional as humans.

As shared by We Love Animals, a cat was given a chance to say goodbye to a fellow cat that died of cancer.

In the video, the cat can be seen touching and sniffing its dead friend placed in a plastic bag on the floor.

It seemed to want to wake its friend from a deep sleep. But the cat's friend is dead.

One can see the sadness and loneliness gripping the orange cat. Their owner placed the dead cat on a carpet to let its friend say goodbye for the last time.

Cats are among the most popular on social media. They make people laugh and cry.

According to Purina, recent research has shown that all mammals, including cats, have seven fundamental, basic, emotional systems that provide the ability to react to information about what enters the brain via the senses.

There are seven major emotions, including a system to look for food, a fear system to respond to unfamiliar events that may be dangerous, a play system and a care system to raise offspring and form vital social attachments.

Emotions are essential to how animals learn anything at all. A team of researchers from the University of Guelph is looking into feline emotions.

"If we are looking at cats, can we begin to understand what's going on with them emotionally by looking at facial expressions?" asked Professor Lee Niel, as reported by The Record.

Niel and his team created an online survey to explore people's abilities to detect positive and negative emotions in cats.

"We are all interested in animal welfare," he said.

They gathered video clips capturing cats in situations that are pleasant, such as getting a treat or going to their owner for cuddles.

If cat's emotional state through facial cues is pinpointed, a practical training tool could be developed to help veterinarians, pet owners and other people who work with cats.

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