Instead of wearing rings, people are getting diamond piercings on their fingers

Mar 29, 2018
02:43 P.M.

A new trend is replacing the tradition of wearing diamond engagement rings among the younger people.


Increasingly, more and more people are having diamonds embedded into their finger's skin rather than wearing a ring, according to a report by 9GAG.

Instead of buying expensive diamond rings as engagement rings, the young people are now turning to having diamonds embedded in their skin.

The source informed that a body piercer from Florida named Billy DeBerry has been doing dermal piercings on his customer's fingers for over ten years, but lately the trend has caught on and has become quite popular.


"Micro dermal anchors are safe and the body will hold them for years," the source quoted the body piercer as revealing in an interview.

Surprisingly, the diamond embedded is not very permanent, so people have the flexibility of changing the gem any time they want. It was informed that once an anchor is embedded into the skin, the stone on top could be easily changed.


This kind of mechanism is more convenient for the people because if the engagement does not work out, they can always change the stone on top and 'plug something else in,' the source suggested.

However, not everyone has been a fan of this unique style of donning a piece of jewelry. Several voices on social media have also spoken out against the strange practice.

The source quoted a Twitter user as even stating that she would rather remain single for her entire life rather than wear a wedding ring in such a strange fashion. 9GAG also reported another user as stating that he truly doesn't 'know any millennial that's doing this...'

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