Nancy Grace reportedly slams 'killer' Case Anthony for daughter's death

Ten long years after this crime and these two justice workers can't just agree on some parts of this haunting story.

According to Radar Online, Nancy Grace slammed Casey Anthony while the 10-year anniversary of her daughter Caylee’s death approached.

Appearing on A&E's new show, GRACE VS. ABRAMS, the prosecutor publicly destroyed the mother who walked free after supposedly committing an atrocious crime.

Anthony is the infamous mother who was tried for the murder of her daughter but found not guilty by a Florida jury in 2011.

Her little daughter, Caylee Anthony, was found dead left in a trash bag just a few steps away from Casey's home.

The prosecutor explained her view on the matter really bluntly, implying that only naive people would "fall for Casey's act during the trial."

“If anyone fell for her act during the trial that Caylee was killed by accident in the pool and George fished her out I have news for them,” Grace told Radar.

She explained that Casey can't keep her stories congruent, as she reminds everyone to consider that she gave an interview and said the last time she saw Caylee alive she was fine.

Grace and Dan Abrams talk through the details of the case in the new show, but they fundamentally disagree on some of the things regarding the situation.

“My big beef with Dan Abrams is he spoke about Casey who could have just used chloroform on Caylee to go out and party. That is not possible. Chloroforming your baby to go on a date, that’s a felony," Grace explained.

Grace also explained to Radar why little Caylee’s case was so haunting, claiming that she just keeps seeing those big brown eyes that "were the sweetest most helpless looking eyes."

The prosecutor sadly remarked that the real details of the child's death could hopefully come out someday if Casey broke down and confessed what really happened.

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