People are too sweet in their reviews of Chip and Joanna's bakery

Apr 02, 2018
05:09 A.M.
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The celebrity couple is being praised for their latest venture.


According to Closer Weekly, customers are in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines’ bakery, Silos Baking Co.

People are rushing to visit the Fixer Upper stars’ bakery in Waco, Texas, after they opened it a couple of years ago. Customers cannot stop praising their cupcakes, cookies, and biscuits. 

The bakery’s website informs, ‘The dream of owning a bakery stemmed completely from Joanna’s love of baking and cooking.’

Joanna loved spending time with her family in the kitchen from a young age. She even learned the ‘trade secrets’ to her homemade chocolate cake, Syrian donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and pies.


The bakery occupies an outbuilding at the star couple’s Silos complex, which is the home of their Magnolia Market store. 


The couple wanted people to not only shop at the Silos but also relax there. Hence, the beautiful lush green garden, a lawn, a food truck park, and everyone’s favorite bakery.

The vision behind Silos Baking Co., according to the website, is that the visitors would be able to feel Joanna’s love of baking. 

The bakery offers Joanna’s unexpected style in the form of pastries, bread, and sweets.

The couple has also managed to get some amazing reviews from critics and fans alike. Yelp reviewers love the Gaines’ offering with the bakery receiving 4.5/6 rating on the site.


Allison M wrote that fans know the place is special after having seen the couple build the bakery on HGTV’s Fixer Upper


She said that she visited the bakery and found it to be beautiful. Being inside the building was a surreal experience especially after having witnessed the transformation on TV. 

Brandon L said that it was the best place in Waco for a really good cupcake, and Sarah W agrees that they are ‘worth waiting for.’ She said that he was expecting it to be a letdown, but he was proved wrong. Sarah added that they are his favorite cupcakes ever.

Richard L said that he was wowed by the design of the bakery and the quality of the work.