Counting On' star Jill Duggar opens up about the abuse she suffered from her older brother

Apr 03, 2018
02:06 A.M.
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At the same age that she was abused, a major event took place.


An article published by Inquisitr reported on the information mentioned on Jill Duggar and husband Dereck Dillard’s new website, in connection with her revelations in 2015 about being physically abused by her brother Josh.

The website as relaunched, and the About Us page revealed some personal details about Duggar under the section ‘Meet Jill.’

Duggar has written up a short bio of herself, including a few highlights of her childhood and upbringing.

After writing about the fun she had in her early years, Duggar mentioned a talk she had with her mother at the age of 12 about reincarnation.


Inquisitr points out that this was the same age mentioned by Duggar on her interview with news host Megyn Kelly as the time when she was physically abused by her brother Josh.

In the interview that took place in 2015, 2 Duggar sisters had spoken up about their struggle with being molested, with an aim to separate the truth from the gossip that was building around it.

Her sister Jessa, who was also abused, had shared in the interview that she was about 9 when Josh touched her inappropriately.


On the newly updated website, Duggar wrote that during her conversation with her mother about the afterlife, her mother advised her to confess all her wrongdoings before God and ask for forgiveness.

Comparing the 2015 interview and the details on the website, it seems that she had the spiritual conversation with her mother around the same time when she was dealing with the abusive behavior of her brother.

The bio further mentions that Duggar heeded her mother’s advice. Duggar wrote that she confessed every wrongdoing she could remember before God and prayed for God to take charge of her life.


She also prayed for God to forgive her and let her be allowed into heaven after her life on earth. According to the write-up, her parents baptized her shortly after the conversation.

The tradition in the Duggar family seems to be that a family member must be baptized if he or she has been involved in an incident of sin more than once.

This has raised suspicion among certain fans that Jill was baptized because she was also considered guilty in the instances of abuse.