When groom got married, he also exchanged vows with the bride’s sister. Can you guess why?

Apr 03, 2018
07:06 A.M.
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A loving bridegroom honored his bride's close relationship with her sister by welcoming her as well into their life.


On his wedding day, Will not only proposed to his own bride, Ashley, but also the bride's sister with Down Syndrome, Hannah. According to American Web Media, he asked the sister to be his best friend forever.

Ashley and Hannah grew up close and they have always shared a special relationship, the source informed. Due to Hannah's condition, Ashley even took a leading role and has always made sure she is kept safe from harmful and hurtful people.

Eventually, when Ashley met Will, and the two start dating each other, she knew that she would one day have to separate from her little sister.

So, Ashley decided that if Will wasn't willing to have Hannah into his life as well, there wasn't going to be any relationship between them.


Fortunately, Will's love for Ashley was so great that he more than welcomed Hannah into their relationship. Before proposing Ashley, he even formed a strong friendship with Hannah.

On the day, he made the proposal to Ashley, he had another special plan for Hannah as well. He took both the sisters out to a meadow.


He got on one knee and asked Ashley's hand in marriage. Immediately then, he turned to Hannah and proposed her to be his best friend forever.

Again, on their wedding day, Will decided to make it a special day for Hannah as well. Instead of making Ashley the center of attention, he brought her to stage and proposed to her in front of everyone.

Everyone gasped at Will's action at first, but when they realized that the groom was actually honoring the bride, the entire family was absolutely overjoyed.